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Born for power! F1000 X-Class Drone VS Audi RS

Audi brought an unprecedented PK between “RS series high-performance limousine” with “Starmatrix Project X high-performance drone”

Audi RS and TCKFILMS team build three “Starmatrix Project X high-performance drone”for this event

Starmatrix Project X high-performance drone was joint developed by TCKFILM Team and TMOTOR.This is a X-Class 1000mm axle base high-speed FPV quad.With a full set of TMOTOR customized high performance and reliability power equipment,matching with 13-inch high-performance propeller, it can get extreme performance that even able to compete with Audi RS4/RS5 in race.

In three-day launch event, “Starmatrix Project X high-performance drone safely complete 100 sorties + Audi RS competition sprint flight mission, which shows the superior flight capability and development space of future unmanned aerial vehicles! Lets have a look the scene of “Starmatrix Project X high-performance drone  that joint developed by TCKFILMS Team and T-MOTOR.

Due to the strict requirements of high-quality film and television production and high-end work equipment. All equipment used by the TCKFILMS team is TMOTOR power system!