T-motor is a brand which specialize in UAV’s propulsion system,Our full coverage line of components from light weight FPV racing to heavy lift brushless motor , carbon fiber propeller and ESC,the whole propulsion system and set the standard in the UAV industry up to date .


Propulsion System

Multicopter Propulsion System

Professional knowledge, Experienced in custom solution, provide safest propulsion system.

Fixed wing

Propulsion System

Fixed Wing Propulsion System

High power gives you long distance and endurance flight with hobby and safety application.


Power System

Manned Power System

10-30KW motor can be customized exactly for your project

Gimbal Motor


Gimbal Motor

High accurate positioning and durability,enjoy shooting.




Imported material, exquisite technique, custom lightest with high strength propeller.



Industrial Application

Getting precise CNC & automatic production lines, strict quality control system and rich experience on projects solutions


Propulsion System

Robot Propulsion System

Simplified servo motor of high torque-mass ratio meet the custom need of complete motor or unassembled motor.

Electric Skateboard

Propulsion System

Electric Skateboard Propulsion System

Electric skateboard propulsion system of high torque, smoothness and stability for a new chapter of short distance trips.

Electric Vehicle

Propulsion System

Electric Vehicle Propulsion System

Green commuting with energy-saving and cost-reducing,drive with you together.


Propulsion System

ROV Propulsion System

Motor durability improvement for disdainful swimming of robots in underwater world.

Electric Hydrofoils

Propulsion System

Electric Hydrofoils Propulsion System

High efficiency propulsion system with delicate appearance, surfing with your heart, we’re here for you.
We’re glad that T-Motor can be the top of product design and manufacturing in Brushless motors and Propellers.Contact T-MOTOR for customized design inquires and more information about custom product capabilities .
Becky Jiang: motor&Propeller)
Darrell Song: (Electric Skateboard motor,Robot motor,ROV motor)