AT4130 Long Shaft
AT4125 Long Shaft
AT4120 Long Shaft
AT3530 Long Shaft
Robust structure and enhanced heat dissipation.Double anti-off design for efficient and stable flight.Thrust above 4.8kg.
AT3520 Long Shaft
Japanese 3-bearing ensures stable & efficient flight,Thrust above 4.3kg.Improves performance by more than 5%.
AT2820 Long Shaft
Anti-high temperature arc magnets,provide high torque for the propeller.Thrust above 3.1KG
AT2814 Long Shaft
5MM Shaft diameter,2 Bearing support,robust and lightweight structure,greatly extend the working life.Thrust 2.6KG.
AT2321 Long Shaft
Preferably new materials with high efficiency,stability and durability characteristics. Thrust above 2KG.
AT2317 Long Shaft
A Linear shaft plus the C-Clip lock shaf design,for anti-stripping design & Safety assurance.Thrust above 1.7KG.