Intelligent & Strong Driving

Power Efficiency

R&D oriented

What U-POWER motors go through

Design engineers: Simulation analyses from multiple dimensions. Structure engineers:Original ideas. Test engineers:Reliability tests. Art and technology come to the efficiency, stability and safety of U-TYPE motors.

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    R&D oriented

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    Special norm for U-TYPE

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    High reliability test


Production Processing

Selected material and meticulous production technics are the cream in U-POWER motors.
Zero tolerance in motor manufacturing process and advanced equipment guarantee fast production and high standard finished products.
Precision and state-of-the-art technology are the essence for U-POWER motors in high class applications.

100% QC

on every single motor:

Certificated management system by GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015 and GB12350-2009.
100% QC on crucial raw materials with AQL based acceptability criterion and SIP quality system on testing equipment of authority.
CPK based manufacturing process for qualified and reliable products.


Power Type

Water-resistant & Dust-resistant, Precision Bearing
U5 motor is widely employed for its perfect performance in combination with P16*5.4 and AIR40A at 6S.
For its domination in professional aerial photography with reliability and safety, U7 motor prevails with thrust of 2.6kg at hover.
U11 motor is leading the application in agricultural field for its mighty power with stability and safety.
U11 Ⅱ
Optimized Configuration, Stronger Endurance, Heavy Lifted Industry Application, 1000hours lifetime
U13 Ⅱ
New iron core design, 80%+ power ratio improvement and selected materials for longer safe flight experience.
U15 Ⅱ
A thrust of 36kg+ to meet diverse demands of heavy-load UAVs in emergency rescue, cargo transportation and manned drone programs

Efficiency Type

Max. thrust up to 9.1kg, Thrust/weight ratio: 36, High protection level IP56
U8Ⅱ Lite
Max. Thrust: 9.1kg High Thrust/Weight Ratio: 36 Service Life: 1000h
U8 Lite L
3rd generation propellers+FOC ESC: Efficient combination High thrust/weight ratio Excessive Power
First generation of efficiency motor for application of surveillance that requires long flight time of over 2 hours.
Waterproof U8PRO is extensively employed for remote sensing, surveying and mapping and exploration.
The optimal option with UL props and Alpha ESCs for long endurance with 7.3kg thrust and waterproof performance (IP55).
U8 Lite
Open structure and silver wires of U8LITE better cooling performance and motor weight with long service life and superb quality.
U10 motor with open house design is compatible with various props from 26'' to 30''without overheating issue.
The industrial grade motor providing a thrust of over 5.7kg at hover, can be used for a diverse applications requiring heavy load.IP55 level guarantees safe flight in various environments with excellent performance.
U10 Ⅱ
Higher motor efficiency is gained from air-cooling system, new iron core design, silver windings and sine wave features.
U12 offering a thrust of 6.7kg at hover meets the requirements for on both power and efficiency.
U12 Ⅱ
Max. thrust of 20.4kg helps bring up the AUW of aircrafts, while imported custom bearings and new iron core prolong motor service life.