Ultra F55A MINI 4IN1 ESC
V45A 6s 32 BIT
P50A 6S 32BIT
P60A 6S 32BIT
LOCK-ON design, no cripple interference
F30A-32bit 2-4S
A tiny ESC designed for LF40 and F40III motors with stability and high efficiency.
F35A-32bit 3-5S
Very fast motor retardation, and inherently also does active freewheeling.
F35A-32bit 3-6S
A ESC designed for Pro motors with stability and high efficiency.
F35A 4IN1-4S
F45A-32bit 3-6S
F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit
A cost-effective ESC to meet demand of the market.
F45A V2.0 4IN1 32 bit 6S
F55A PRO 6S 4IN1 32bit
Optimally matched with PRO series motors to form the strongest power system in top racing event.
F55A PROⅡ 6S 4IN1 32bit
F55A PROⅡ•F3 6S 4IN1 32bit