R&D oriented

What we do for noiseless operation?

1. Strict control over each motor component in terms of concentricity, flatness and rotor deflection.
2. Zero tolerance on motor appearance.
3. Tolerance between bearings, shafts and bearing bores is set based on considerable experience and data for the least frictional wear.
4. 1mm top class dynamic balancing standard set by T-MOTOR is conducted in U-POWER.
5. Optimized cogging torque for fast and smooth operation.
6. Our mission is to perfect the relation between motors, ESCs and props to ensure they are independent and complementary to each other. A complete set of propulsion system from T-MOTOR maximizes the efficiency and compatibility.
7. We are dedicated to the ratio improvement between thrust and weight.
A 1kg motor is competent to provide a thrust of 30kg, and the thrust is rising.
Breakthroughs are constantly made on power and efficiency in U-power and U-efficiency motors. U-power motor like U11 and U15 and U-efficiency motors like have been receiving rave reviews upon release.

Unique NORM of U Series

MIL-STD temperature performance test
24h Salt spray test
Custom imported bearings
Interturn discharge standard
Coil discharge index
Resistance equilibrium value
Interturn equilibrium value
Shaft concentricity
Swing scope of shaft section
1000V high pressure test
Magnet sheet and flux density standard
Low resistance, 240℃ temperature resistant silver winding


Salt spray test chamber
High-low temperature test chamber
Rainfall test chamber
Sand and dust test chamber
Imported dynamic test platform
Uninterrupted dynamic simulation test platform
Endurance test platform
Compatibility test